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Here at NPMotorcycles we are fanatical about motorbike racing, we race build race bikes and supply racing parts. We are situated near Donington Park in the midlands and visit most race circuits through the season.  Our bikes are dominating the grid in the NGRRC Minitwin series, these bikes are made to our client’s specification and budgets whilst ensuring they abide by the strict Minitwin rules.

We started engineering parts as we found a lot of what was already on offer was overpriced and not up to the stresses of racing and crashing. Very soon we were being asked to ‘make one ‘for friends and fellow racers before making them generally for sale.

If you are looking for something specific that we don’t currently sell, please get in touch.  We are always looking for further engineering projects and are willing to quote on one off parts.

We you are looking to start racing we offer race preparation and bike building to client specifications and budgets. Either a full package where we source the bike or converting your road bike to a potential championship winning machine.